Why birds sing. by David Rothenberg.

Well the answer is that only the birds know if anyone, but this is an extensive review of just about everything humans know about it and have written about it in science, poetry, music, history and literature. Rothenberg is clearly in love with the music of birds and finally admits that he prefers to play music with birds than with humans.
Rothenberg is a jazz clarinetist who discovers joy improvising with birds. His website whybirdssing.com contains fascinating examples of him playing music with birds and also of the intricacy of birdsong. Listen to slowed down Veerie song – it’s modern jazz!
I enjoyed the book even though I think the message could have been conveyed with half the number of words.

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  1. Philip Salfield says:

    Diana Ross also wants to know “Why do fools fall in love, why do birds sing?”

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