I have played music professionally for many years.

At school I played sax in the school jazz band and also classical music on flute in Derbyshire Youth Orchestra.

After leaving school I played on the pop scene in London and then went to Madrid with a British band to play saxophone at a US airforce base. At university I played in The Gas Board with Bryan Ferry and later in Newcastle Big Band where the bass player was Sting.

During my time as a doctor, I continued playing jazz sax when not at the hospital. My bands played often for Dinner Dances after major medical conferences, British Medical Association conferences, as well as in jazz clubs, bars and other venues. I played in various bands – J Walk, Beats in the Bar.

For many years I have played in Back Seat Jivers, a quartet which plays early rock’n’roll music from the 1950’s, swing, and blues all with a jazz flavour. The band made an album called New Moon. We still get together for the occasional gig.

In recent years I have led the Steve Salfield Quartet, Trio and Duo. I co-lead Salfield/Chandler Jazz Quartet, which plays original material co written by Matt Chandler, an brilliant young guitarist, and me. Salfield/Chandler also plays adventurous versions of jazz standards.

I am an active member of Jet a musicians’ collective. We play music with a variety of influences including jazz, folk music, and rock. We have created The Derbyshire Suite, a suite of original music inspired by of Derbyshire including historic sites, the peak district, the industrial heritage and it’s folk music.