My newest band.

The lineup is me on saxophone, Robert Glendenning on vocals and petcussion, Graham Jones on double bass and Pete Moxley on keyboards.

This is an early attempt to describe ourselves:

    ‘Fusion Jazz with a Hint of Soul’

fomentum is a band of exciting and versatile musicians – saxophone, voice, double bass, keyboards and percussion. In fomentum ‘voice’ is an instrument moving away from the conventional ‘vocalist and backing band’approach. We produce disruptive versions of songs you know, aiming for an individual and creative approach to our music and finding inspiration in the world of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Soul and Gospel.

fomentum is made up of four highly accomplished musicians:

Graham Jones is a wonderful double bass player, with a deep resonant sound that gives you butterflies, and beautiful strong rhythm.

Pete Moxley is a fluent, melodic keyboard player with great facility and gripping harmony.

Steve Salfield is renowned on saxophone, mostly tenor but sometimes soprano and alto. His sound moves from soft and silky to firm and lively, beautiful melodies and moving tone characterise# his playing.

These three have played together for longer than they can remember in a modern jazz trio called GPS, and that shows in the intuitive way they play and interact.

Robert Glendenning is a great vocalist and percussionist. His voice has to be heard not described. His style is blues, soul and funk influenced and is now working in a jazz fusion genre.

Some of the songs we play:

Travels – our interpretation of a beautiful instrumental written by Pat Metheny

Wichita Lineman – that’s right – our unique take on this