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Jet Collective – JetStream

JetStream is Jet Collective’s second recording. It was inspired by interpretations of weather and climate. Live performances got great reviews.

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Jet Jazz Collective performance of The Derbyshire Suite

Burton Institute, Winster. Sunday October 9th 2011

On October 8th and 9th the Jet Jazz Collective will spend the weekend rehearsing and creating new music in the Burton Institute.

The Derbyshire Suite, inspired by Derbyshire landscapes, was first performed in July 2011 by The Jet Jazz Collective in Stanton in Peak and received a standing ovation. The musicians now plan to develop the Suite and to add some new pieces.

The music, with titles like Storm over Derbyshire, Derbyshire Jig, Mills and Hills Mines and Moors, draws on various styles and it all has a strong jazz influence with improvisation an important component.

The eight musicians who recently formed Jet Collective want to find new ways to create and perform their music and new venues and audiences to perform to. The musicians, all from the East Midlands, who had never played together previously, met  in July 2011 for a weekend. They created eight new pieces of music. Not knowing what they would produce, they jumped in at the deep end and arranged a public performance for the Sunday evening. Fortunately this was a great success and the collective got an ecstatic reception with standing ovations. One young music lover said this was possibly the best thing he had ever heard.

The musicians come from various musical backgrounds, all having jazz as a common love. Karen Clegg’s voice is dark and smoky, Steve Salfield and Sara Littlefield are both fine expressive sax players. On keyboards Wendy Kirkland and Paul Biggins both play brilliantly and bring different interpretations. Reg Clegg and Pat Sprakes both double on guitar and bass.  Reg brings a strong funk and blues influence while Pat is a jazz guitar virtuoso. Clive Loveday is a wonderful jazz drummer who has a rare ability to listen and interact with the harmony and melodies.

You can hear live recording of Jet Collective on

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