Information for visitors to the White House

Enter Charlotteville on the main road from Speyside.
On entering the village turn right at the petrol station. Follow the road straight on bearing right when there is a choice. At the top the road curves round to the left and over a small bridge. The White House is the first house after the bridge on your right. It resembles a white castle.


Obviously bring whatever you want but here are some suggestions:
You can buy a few basics here but don’t expect an interesting shopping experience so bring what you want.

It’s the tropics.
Bikinis, swimming shorts, vests, short sleeved shirts, shorts, flimsy dresses, sunhat.
Women should be reasonably modest or face disapproval from the local women and enthusiasm from the local men.
Toplessness is not done.
Lightweight dress, smarter shorts, or kneelength shorts, lightweight trousers, shortsleeved shirts, no ties, jackets etc required – you get the picture,
Trainers or lightweight walking boots if you want to go into the rainforest.

Food etc:
Available locally but we bring our own coffee and tea as we don’t like what you get locally.

Other things:
Small rucksack or similar for the beach. Small torch. Bring cash from the airport or Scarborough. The village ATM sometimes works. As a guide it costs about TT$100 ie £10 to eat out in the evening.
Snorkel, beach towel or whatever you want to lie on.
Plus all the things you like for an arduous time such as novels, ipod, sunglasses etc

There are several good places to eat in just a short walk from the White House.
Gail’s Restaurant – excellent food and very friendly place open every evening except Sunday – Gail is a friend of ours so mention you are staying at the White House
Sharon and Phebs Restaurant – Excellent food and very friendly – our friends and next door neighbours. They have probably the best prawns in Tobago. Open all day every day. You can go here just for a drink or a delicious meal.
Jane’s Quality Kitchen in the middle of the beach in Charlotteville – the best rotis in Tobago at lunchtime and dinner in the evening. Inexpensive, people are friendly and idyllic rustic situation. Closed from Friday evening until they reopen on Saturday evening. Jane, Kosa, Everton and Jerome live near us and are very friendly.
Lyda’s Bar. Favourite place for a drink. Lyda cooks delicious buss up shuts, an open roti, on Fridays from 11am and at other times with 24 hours notice – the pastry is ragged like a “bust up shirt”.

The Banana Boat is a good drink place and for snacks and meals.
G’s in Charlotteville opposite Sharon and Pheebs – drinks and inexpensive food
Michelle Jack will cook you a delicious meal in her house by prior arrangement. Ask in the village.
The Beach Bar is good for a beach side drink and for snacks

Speyside – ten minutes drive.

Jemma’s restaurant– best at lunchtime – special position and great lunch but a bit touristy. Closed on Friday sundown till Saturday sundown.
Speyside Inn for a more westernised good meal and price.

Recently the best food has been in Marguerite’s, on the main road near the river.
Also Vera’s Roti place on the beach not always open.
Naturalist Guest House on the beach has a bar with food.
Cas Creole on the beach in Castara – idyllic setting in the thatched beach building – food so so and not always available.
Boat House Restaurant on little beach is in idyllic situation. Food variable.

Englishman’s Bay
Nice food at Eula’s small restaurant on the beach.

Bloody Bay
Sunshine Inn on the main road near Bloody Bay has good food and lovely views
The Riverside has good food.

Blue Crab just up the hill from the RBTT bank is good and has a nice colonial feel.
Inexpensive and good food in a seedy expat/local environment is Kingswell Inn in Scarborough– you get a good meal for 25TT. Sit outside or in the down at heel upstairs dining room.
Inexpensive and good food at Flavour Pot near TSTT building.

Near the airport. Crown Point. The Kariwak Village has absolutely excellent food and is a lovely hotel.

You can get all the basics in Charlotteville in the two small “supermarkets”.
Freshly baked bread – Ann Murphy in the house just down the track from White House bakes daily and bread can be ordered from her house or bought at her little white shop next to the carpark in the village near the supermarket.
Jane at her restaurant also has delicious home cooked bread
Fresh fruit and veggies can be bought in the village and from a pickup truck opposite the supermarket on Fridays from 3-5 pm
Pennysavers in Canaan near the airport is the best for a big shop if you have a car and are going up to that part of the island. Its cheaper than Charlotteville and has a wide range of imported food.

In the supermarket

Pirate’s bay – walk along track or get fishing boat to take you – usually 20 tt per person single, but agree price before getting in boat. Beautiful beach with nice snorkelling.
First Historical Café at Studley Park – fascinating for a drink on the way along the southside road.
Castara small village with 2 beaches and some eating places. The restaurant at the little beach is in an idyllic spot and the food is often very good.
Rainforest walks with guide in the National Park
Englishman’s bay – lovely beach and snorkelling. Eula’s restaurant open at lunchtimes
Buccoo Coral gardens – you can arrange a great day trip with Johnsons boats at Buccoo. Snorkelling, diamond pool and if you like a beach barbecue.

The Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists in Scarborough has private doctors and clinics and emergency services – 639-1115, 639- 4014, 622-1191, 622-1192, 622-3302, 622-3048
There is a public hospital in Scarborough.
Ambulance phone 990
Police 999

The neighbours are all local Charlotteville people. You are in their village. You will find them very friendly and helpful if you smile and say hello.

The local evening pastime is meeting people for a chat or liming. Usual place is on the wall at the seafront. Lyda’s bar near Gail’s restaurant is a popular liming spot and good for sunset watching.

The nearest good swimming is at the Charlotteville Beach Bar 7 minutes walk.
There is beautiful swimming and snorkelling at Pirate’s Bay a beautiful little beach which is a 15-20 minute walk along the other end of the village or a short boatride with one of the fishermen. The usual rate is 20 TT per person each way but confirm before getting into the boat. This can be arranged at the fish market.
You can get taken to one of the other beaches in Man’o’war bay by one of the fishermen.

You can have a lovely swim at Blue Waters Hotel beach in Speyside.
Nice place to sit for a drink and there is a little tourist shop there. Eating there is expensive and there are many more atmospheric places to eat which are half the price or less.

Kayak centre in Charlotteville

Occasional barbecues with steel band music at the Beach Bar.
Various happenings from time to time in the village.

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