4.5 billion years ago the sun forms
4.4 billion years ago earth forms
3.5 billion years ago continents, atmosphere, oceans
Stromatolites – oldest evidence of life form in shallow ocean waters
2.5 billion years ago protozoites
2 billion years ago multicellular life
570 million years ago scale change – Cambrian explosion of multicellular life
500 million years ago first plants and insects on land
290 million years ago reptiles appear
250 million years ago mass extinction wipes out 90% of life
240 million years ago small dinosaurs and mammals
205 million years ago large dinosaurs and ancient birds disappear
138-65 million years ago mass extinction wipes out dinosaurs. Mammals inherit the earth
38 million years ago elephants, monkeys, apes, cat, dogs
0.1 million years ago homo sapiens evolves

(Taken from a chart in the Guardian. June 2006)

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